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These coffees are packed in small sachets (between 56–113gm). Your 2kg order will be made up of the appropriate number of small packs to ensure ultimate freshness 

Stay at home and enjoy your favourite coffee at a special price.

Kenya: Light – medium roast, lightly acidic without bitterness and blackcurrant undertone. Ideal for all day consumption.

Java: A dark, full bodied coffee with a heavy nose and a rich profile with pepper and chocolate notes.

American: Light roast of central and south American coffees to give a balanced nut and fruit wine profile.

Fairtrade: Single Origin Costa Rica coffee from Guanacaste with light nut and cereal flavours.

Tico Fairtrade: Three Origins, darkly roasted to give a balanced rounded full bodied flavour.

Randals: Medium–Dark roast, smooth flavour with hints of sweetness.




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