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  • Bellagio Pods

    Bellagio Pods


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  • Gallassia Coffee To Go Unit

    Gallassia Coffee To Go Unit


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  • HC 600 Grinder

    HC 600 Grinder


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  • HC 700 Grinder

    HC 700 Grinder


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  • Jura Impressa X9

    Jura Impressa X9


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  • Jura Impressa XS90

    Jura Impressa XS90


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  • La Pavoni 2gp

    La Pavoni 2gp


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  • La Pavoni Euro Piccolo Lusso

    La Pavoni Euro Piccolo Lusso


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  • La Pavoni Grinder

    La Pavoni Grinder


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  • Macco Fridge Style Chiller

    Macco Fridge Style Chiller


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  • Macco Mega

    Macco Mega


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  • Macco Mega Fridge

    Macco Mega Fridge


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  • Macco MX3

    Macco MX3


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  • Macco MX3 Water Tank

    Macco MX3 Water Tank


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  • Macco MX5

    Macco MX5


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  • Macco MX5 Cup Warmer

    Macco MX5 Cup Warmer


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  • Macco MX5 Fridge

    Macco MX5 Fridge


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  • Macco Sirio Cup Warmer

    Macco Sirio Cup Warmer


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  • Macco Sirio Fridge

    Macco Sirio Fridge


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  • Marco Ecoboiler PB10

    Marco Ecoboiler PB10


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  • Marco EZT 400

    Marco EZT 400


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  • Marco EZT 700

    Marco EZT 700


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  • Marco Manual Fill Boiler

    Marco Manual Fill Boiler


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  • Marco Maxi Brew Twin

    Marco Maxi Brew Twin


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  • Marco T20 Ecoboilers

    Marco T20 Ecoboilers


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  • Marco T5 Ecoboiler

    Marco T5 Ecoboiler


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  • Metal Fridge Unit

    Metal Fridge Unit


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  • Moccaking filter basket

    Moccaking filter basket


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  • Moccaserver



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  • Moccaserver Filter basket

    Moccaserver Filter basket


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  • Planet Automatic Espresso Machine

    Planet Automatic Espresso Machine


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  • Stentorfield Vision 400

    Stentorfield Vision 400


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  • THA 10 Flask Machine

    THA 10 Flask Machine


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  • VBM Lolo 2 group

    VBM Lolo 2 group


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  • Fairtrade Tagged Tea Bags

    Fairtrade Tagged Tea Bags
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  • Hot Stuff Cup

    Hot Stuff Cup


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  • Spatula



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  • Black Domed Lid

    Black Domed Lid


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Our Exclusive Coffee Blends

The smoothness of Costa Rica, the rich bite of Kenya, the individuality
of Mocha and Java, the extravagance of Blue Mountain.

  • Kenya
  • Java
  • Continental
  • Costa Rica
  • Bellagio
  • Kenya

    A light to mid roast high grown coffee from the Thika region best known for its light acidity and subtle blackcurrant undertones.


    A dark, full–bodied coffee with a heavy nose and a rich profile.


    A dark roast coffee with a strong foundation and intense flavours. Our Fairtrade Continental blend is ideal for an after dinner espresso.

    Costa Rica

    Our Costa Rica coffee is lightly roasted to give a slight nutty and easy going flavour. Specially blended to be enjoyed at any time of the day.


    Our dark roasted, Barista standard espresso bean. Bellagio delivers a classic 100% Pure Arabica, full flavoured, aromatic coffee hit.


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